Discover Uruguay (list)

  1. It’s not “Mon-tee-Video” it’s “Mon-tay-Va-day-o”
  2. Dogs roam freeĀ & form gangs
  3. Ham anyone? Seriously, want water, expect ham.
  4. Cabo Polonio is a must-see
  5. Spanish dialect is “shh” for double L (llama is “shh-ama”)
  6. Cabs don’t have a window handle on the left side (prevents reaching around and distracting the driver)
  7. Ocean water is brown
  8. Say hello to dog poop if you walk while looking at your phone
  9. Locals eatĀ don’t eat dinner earlier than 9pm
  10. Nightlife starts around 12am

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  1. Mom

    Awesome photos!

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